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Practical Tips for Recruiting Young People

You can help young people kick start their career by making small changes to how you recruit, including how to change your existing recruitment practices to open up more opportunities for young people and give them a better chance at competing for job vacancies.

In a number of industries, young workers are over-represented in injury statistics compared to older and more experienced workers. Young workers have a unique risk profile which means:

  • they may not perceive when something becomes unsafe
  • it isn't effective to rely on them to ask questions or speak up with concerns
  • it is important to understand the factors that can impact their health and safety.


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Job Market worldwide

The international job market is very decentralized, fragmented, and unstructured. This is a natural result of specialization in skills and needs.

Because of this challenge, the global job market is really a collection of hundreds or even thousands of relatively small, vertical job markets, which communicate through specialized networks, publications, websites, and job agencies. For this reason, it is vital for job seekers to take initiative and persist in pursuing all these channels.