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If you need staff for your business there are a number of services, programmes and incentives that can help you.

The network of jobmarket providers across worldwide can help you find the staff you need for your business.

They will refer potential employees for your business who are ready for a real work environment and provide support after your new employee starts work and as they settle into the job.

You can use the jobmarket website to find staff online. You can create vacancies, search and contact job seekers, shortlist candidates and more.

Advertise your job vacancies on the jobmarket website.



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Job Market worldwide

The international job market is very decentralized, fragmented, and unstructured. This is a natural result of specialization in skills and needs.

Because of this challenge, the global job market is really a collection of hundreds or even thousands of relatively small, vertical job markets, which communicate through specialized networks, publications, websites, and job agencies. For this reason, it is vital for job seekers to take initiative and persist in pursuing all these channels.