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JobMarket System Overview

The JobMarket system serves as a central electronic repository for job-market advertisements, application materials, and reference letters.

The system is easy to use. Papers, reference letters, and other information need to be submitted only once.

1. Recruiters register and post advertisements, which include specifications of the information and materials required of applicants. Recruiters are checked for authenticity before being allowed to post advertisements and receive applications.

2. Candidates apply for jobs using the links on jobmarket References upload their letters of recommendation.

3. Recruiters decide how they would like to receive and process applications.

4. Recruiters obtain the electronic files of the candidates who apply to their advertisements.


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Job Market for Employers

Find the best-qualified talent faster and more efficiently.

Filter out unqualified candidates and evaluate the fit between candidates’ skills and specified job requirements  

Increase recruiting efficiency, Easily analyze key metrics and identify potential bottlenecks to fine tune your hiring process.

Qualification Assessment

Custom Weighting

Your working Templates

JobMarket provides everything you need to create a first-class workforce. Attract, engage, track, assess and hire top talent all in one place.

Eliminate paperwork and manual processing  Efficiently distribute postings, receive applications, trackcandidates, communicate with candidates, assess and select all in one place.

Save time and increase overall efficiency
Reduce costs associated with job boards, advertisements and agencies.