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Employing people with disability

If you employ or would like to employ people with disability, there are a variety of services available to help you.

Free services to help you recruit and retain people with disability, injury or health.

Professional recruitment for employees with disability.

Employees and employers maintain their  disability employment

The Wage Subsidy Scheme offers a subsidy to employers who employ a job seeker with disability, who is registered with a Disability Employment.

Certain requirements must be met by the employer for them to be eligible for the subsidy.

The job seeker must be employed under open employment conditions.


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Job Market worldwide

The international job market is very decentralized, fragmented, and unstructured. This is a natural result of specialization in skills and needs.

Because of this challenge, the global job market is really a collection of hundreds or even thousands of relatively small, vertical job markets, which communicate through specialized networks, publications, websites, and job agencies. For this reason, it is vital for job seekers to take initiative and persist in pursuing all these channels.