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People change careers

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Backgrounds, experiences, interests, abilities, self-esteem, and other personal characteristics that help or inhibit their work readiness and career planning.

One out of three people currently employed spends about an hour per day searching for another position


Reasons why people change careers

    The downsizing or the restructuring of an organization.

    New challenges or opportunities that arise.

    Poor or ineffective leadership.

    Having a poor relationship with a manager(s).

    For the improvement of a better work/life balance.

    Contributions are not being recognized.

    For better compensation and benefits.

    For better alignment with personal and organizational values

    Personal strengths and capabilities are not a good fit with an organization.

    The financial instability of an organization.

    An organization relocated.


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Job Market worldwide

The international job market is very decentralized, fragmented, and unstructured. This is a natural result of specialization in skills and needs.

Because of this challenge, the global job market is really a collection of hundreds or even thousands of relatively small, vertical job markets, which communicate through specialized networks, publications, websites, and job agencies. For this reason, it is vital for job seekers to take initiative and persist in pursuing all these channels.